Mental Wellness

Healkin provides at-home service that caters your mental wellness needs. With the rise of mental health concerns worldwide, Healkin has come up with a solution for those who are seeking professional help but find it challenging to visit a clinic or hospital physically. Healkin offers an online platform where individuals can access licensed psychologists and counsellors from the comfort of their homes.

One of the most significant benefits of Healkin’s services is convenience. Individuals no longer need to worry about travelling long distances or taking time off work to seek therapy sessions. All they need is a stable internet connection and their preferred device, be it a laptop or smartphone, and they are ready to begin their journey towards mental wellness. Additionally, Healkin offers flexible scheduling options, which allows individuals to book sessions that fit within their busy schedules.


    Cost-effective online therapy

    Improve adaptability based on the past experience

    Instant Access to the patients

    Improve the quality of life

    Reducing anxiety.

    One-on-one focus and support

    How does it work?

    Sign Up with us

    A quick sign up process will get you going

    Choose a Plan

    Message us when you have a time, as per your convivence

    Get matched to a counselor

    We select a counselor for you. Step is to start chatting.

    Start Messaging

    Set a goals, Understand the basics of RECBT and work around these goals.

    What makes Healkin stand out?

    Dedicated Support & Monitoring

    We are here for you 24/7 to answer your questions and solve your problems.

    Flexible & Affordable Packages

    Caring for your Health with assured prices and pocket friendly rates.

    Skilled & Compassionate Professionals

    Verified & Trained Professionals

    100% Confidentiality

    Our talks and chats between counselor and user is one to one and 100% confidential.

    Patient Reviews

    Thank you and your colleagues for the care you provide, the healing that blossoms, touching many lives and making the world a better place.

    Shreedhar Bhat

    The staff is warm, welcoming and very nice. The instructors are terrific. The doctors are excellent. Please keep up the great work!

    Arup Biswas

    Want to Book Mental Wellness Session?

    We’re committed to offering top-notch, affordable healthcare for seniors and the sick while providing peace of mind to their loved ones.


    This is the online platform where counselor and user gets connected via online chat/messages. Hence there’s no specific area restriction.

    You can book our services online or request a call back @ 91 7800336671 or WhatsApp us. You can also register yourself on Healkin app

    Yes, in-home counselling services are available for children and teenagers.

    Currently, we offering QR code of Gpay